A yoga practice to memorialize a loved one

Yoga teaches people how to breathe, enhances, calm, allows movement into stillness, and you get to become the observer. This may be the antidote to grief- if there is one, besides time. I’m preparing to lead a two-hour yoga practice on Thursday with three other amazing instructors who will share this time with me and all who come to honor and remember Suzy’s shine.  This blog will serve as brainstorming for this moment of connectivity. No one is going through this alone and I for one, am finding great relief in knowing that we are so supported in this endeavor- by each other, by Suzy, and by the universe. Buddha says, “life is suffering.”Yoga asana (poses), breath work, and meditation can mitigate pain, potentially expedite the grief process and transform. The hard part is that we have to work through it to heal versus get over it or expect it to go away. Acceptance is a big part of yoga.  Yoga helps us to live in our bodies with our emotions as we integrate our grief into who we are- different than one year ago or even yesterday. We have to embrace the pain, after all it belongs to you and it’s right to feel it. But, again, we don’t have to do it completely alone. Hence, with this yoga practice there is comfort in unity. Connect to the breath, ourselves, each other for support. I don’t remember where I read this, but every life has an arc- however long- and every soul has a path. Recognizing this truth can be liberating.