Blog, blog, blog... or is it a mantra?

Ever notice how if you say a word enough times in a row it no longer means anything?I mean, what does "blog" mean? Up until last year, I didn't even know this word existed. It was invented to mean short writings in a conversational style. It's kind of like when I sit in the silence of my own body, heart and mind and bring a word into my consciousness that has a particular meaning- often something I want to manifest within myself at the time. Maybe it's peace or stillness or flow... it serves mostly to quiet the monkey mind that can bolt from one topic to the next, as if a mind of its own, from that was a great breakfast to I wonder if the ocean is glassy today- and so on. Try it. Sit quietly in a comfortable position. Bring your word to mind. Breathe with that word. Say it to yourself. Focus on it. Focus on your breath. Give yourself five minutes of this stillness. Notice how you feel.