Holly’s background & credentials

Yoga means to connect. Connect breath to movement, inhales to exhales, mind, body, and spirit, thoughts and actions, connect to your heart, other people and your greatest needs. 

I came to yoga, like many, as I was recovering from a knee injury and thought yoga would help me regain range of motion.  Yes, I got a little of that, along with a whole lot more of unexpected healing and growth. I did find balance and strength in muscular action that has enhanced my sports, but more importantly, I found stillness. I learned to listen to my body. And now, my years of teaching, training with great teachers, and life experiences have led me to what I do today... through yoga, I am able to guide others to their authentic selves: release fear, anxiety, make connections and experience life fully.

I trained with the Dr. Dean Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Team in California to become the Stress Management Specialist for Intensive Cardiac Rehab at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Heart patients attend this program and are guided in 4 elements for reversing heart disease: stress management, nutrition, physical fitness, and group support.  

I am grateful that I have crossed paths with my amazing teachers: Ashley Ludman (200 hour training), Racheal Goolsby and Lorrie Wagner- true Anusara teachers who lead with wisdom, grace, and confidence. Dr. Bob Butera, Kristin Butera, Erin Byron, and Steffan Elgelid of Yoga Life Institute (300 hour yoga therapy), Michael Lee's Phoneix Rising, and most recently Dr. Dean Ornish, Susi Amendola, and the Ornish team for teaching me how to let yoga heal others.


Stress Management Specialist for intensive cardiac rehab: New Hanover Regional Medical Center- Ornish Lifestyle Medicine

e-RYT 500

200 hour Anusaura teacher training 

300 hour Yoga Therapy 

M.Ed. Instructional Leadership (Colorado State University) 

American College of Sports Medicine- Exercise Leader 

Athletics and Fitness Association of America- Certification Specialist