Workplace Stress Transformation 
Phone calls, texts, emails, blogs, meetings, more meetings, unruly co-workers, traffic to and fro, meals to cook, serve, or eat, laundry, back to work… Learn about stress triggers, 5 ways to manage stress daily and stay positive.


compliment your sport
In this two-hour workshop participants will practice and explore how yoga integrates with sports training for peak performance. Includes breath awareness, focus and mental control, balance, stabilization, and flexibility practices.


Improve bone density
In this two-hour workshop, participants will go through a class designed for anyone with concerns about bone strength or those with a diagnosis of osteopenia, or osteoporosis.  Through weight bearing activity of low impact, muscle strengthening exercises against resistance, balance practice, movements that mimic activities of daily life, and breathing techniques, a 30 minute practice, 2 times per week, could significantly reduce or slow bone loss in older adults. Participants will receive information on how they can do this practice safely at home.


Balance your energy and life
View your body, mind, and spirit from a different perspective…
Start with a one-hour yoga practice based on the 7 chakras (energy centers in the body), find out what parts of your life are related to each, then draw/ color yours!
Balance your energy to reach your unlimited potential!